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To celebrate the upcoming NanoArt-ICPAM12 conference in Heraklion Crete, volume 4 of the Math-Art series will be available for free on GoogleBook,  08/27 – 09/03, @

Have a great Labor Day weekend!



Random design #34 – The lady and the rose

Of course this not a lady nor a rose.

This is what happen when you random SurfShuffle the parameters of a sphere. Inspiring! Thx Alejandro, algebraic geometry took me to places I didn’t know existed.



Random design #33

Do curves attract each other? Alejandro Baranek’s Surfer shuffle program that creates random algebraic surfaces seems to agree as all lines converge to create beautiful self-contained objects.

The law of attraction at work? I’ll call this one “The Kiss”. Reminds me of a Rodin sculpture somewhere.


Random design #32

Stochastic embedding! This image originated in a study of attractive forces exerted by springs. We may not know what attract these atoms to each other, we now know who they bind with and how they interact with each other.

For poets and scientists, from Shakespeare to Einstein, the laws of attraction continue to be a fascinating mystery to explore. It makes for an elegant firework bouquet too!

Thanks  Tom Schaefer & Loren van der Maaten for your inspiring script.


Random design #31

The laws of attraction.

This time the spheres organize themselves according to a precise set of rules following a very complex pattern designed by Henry Jacqz.  Size, color change according to their proximity to each other.

The random element in this?  Freeze-frame the progression as it evolves to enjoy the choreography. It could have been at the beginning, or near the end. Actually, each step is as colorful and inspiring as the other! An interesting meditation on determinism and free-will