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Random Design nº 52

I could have done it differently – like a random firework to celebrate the last image of this year-long project! Instead, I was curious to see what a month to month evolution would look like. So here we have it, 12 out of the 52 works I did this year on stochastic art. Some are inspired by mathematics, other by biology physics, statistics or coding. All arranged randomly after an idea John Cage used in 1995 for a museum exhibit called Rolywholover. The music? I leave it to your discretion!

Thanks to all who inspired and guided my work, thanks to you for supporting my work again this year. Next? A book on this project, a collection of all the images on SaatchiArt if you like paper or canvas copies of the work. Another year-long project? No theme yet – Feel free to help me if you have a suggestion.

Happy New Year all!



Random design nº 51. – Sberworks blending pattern

Variation of a random color positioning scheme on square or spherical grids

Software development workflow process (SberWorks) used for a simple aesthetic purpose turn out to be on the side of festive on this season. Thanks for the script Sergey,

Happy Holidays all!


Random design nº 50 – Diamond in the raw.

Point, ring, mesh. Between o and 300 random points joined together. The art of coding leads to unexpected geometry. Thanks, Tekt.


Random design nº 48. Stochastic Mondrian

3 layers of randomness in this work: The Mondrian like grid – random. The paintbrush effect on the canvases – random. The circle size and positioning on the lower right object, random too. The overall composition? Not random! Thx for the scripts Grant.


Random design nº 48 – The Minotaur

A minotaur breaking free of his labyrinth. Randoms are the columns’ size, distance & connection to each other when they fall! Thanks for the script Fabian Iwand