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Random design #8

Random and fractal.

An interesting combination if anything! Here, a random color spread on the honeycomb background, a fractalized texture on the spheres and the central frame dot pattern. Both originated in a quad-grid on the Bio7 program



Random design #7

Fluorescent cell

What you see is a random flow of fluorescent molecules in an organic fiber. The color? If you had an infra-red cat-like vision, maybe that’s what it would look like for you. And as a human? I’m still pondering.

Randomness comes in many shapes!


Random design #6

Not quite done with last week’s random pattern.

I found the tiles color blending so intriguing and pleasant, I had to take it to my favorite AI. And this is what she saw!

I took last week background (red & blue), inverted it (yellow & green) and let the AI recompose the two images.

It’s the second time an artificial being sends me back a very painterly image. Almost a fabric pattern in the background! I drafted a simple 3D composition in the foreground to increase the contrast between human-robot visual rendering perception. How odd!

Image converted using ifftoany

Ode to the Blue-Blood moon

Random design #5

On one side, blue; on the other, red. This is what happens when they try to take each other territory. Sometimes they blend, sometimes they cross-pollinate, sometimes nothing happens – except for their clustering in unexpected places.

The smaller squares are various stages of the progression. The background is the final image after I ran a Lokta-Volterra test in StochSS. The color and positioning of the tiles make for interesting (and colorful) design.