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Random design #30

Random curves & random spheres in a frame!

No explanation, no rational, no purpose. Just bubbles in a box changing size and color. Perfect random design for the warm summer months! Simplicity leads to creativity too. Thanks for the script Ajayys,




Random design #29

Is infinity random?

No one came back from it yet to tell us but mathematician Kolakoski gave us a way to get there,  a self-generating prototype for infinite families of related sequences.

That’s what it could look like visually, thanks to Kelley van Evert script. Kind of like a Mayan Calendar on the altar of a Yucatan pyramid maybe?


Random design #28

Fractal – the opposite of random you would think.

Branches and seeds are evolving randomly from 1 to 300 in Seth Pipho’s very simple but elegant fractal script. The hardest part of my task this week was to choose which tree was looking best – they all did!


Random design #27

What’s more random than a Rorschach test?

That’s what I explored this week, thanks to Paul Stuffa original code design. But I didn’t stop there, I took the results to a friendly AI using a convolutional neural network to analyze images. What surprised me most is that the result is one of the least recombined images the AI ever sent me back – and I’ve tried many before with other subjects.

Is my friendly computer-vision AI Rorschach’s shy? If it only it could talk – I’m sure I would have an interesting computer personality profile too!



Random design #26

Watercolor, the most random medium in visual art!

What are the chances of the same blob of color landing at the exact same place with the same hue intensity? 1 in a 10,000,000 Maybe?

Ryan Paul‘s script after a draft by Mike Bostock let you decide the size of your canvas, how many colors you want and randomly decides what goes where.

Maybe not what he had in mind – but watercolor is definitely the signature pattern coming out of it! Interestingly, FloodFill is the name of the script.  More like a mountainscape to me – but why not!

One of the simplest and most effective demonstrations of random in science & art. Elegant too, a colorist dream come true!