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Random design nº 47

Another page in this year-long project. Random polygons.  Select the number of points & distance from each other, the script joins them randomly. I couldn’t extract any meaningful pattern from this one – but random it is. Sometimes, there are things that can’t be explained. Puzzling!



Random design nº 46

A line is a fundamental element of geometry.

This is what happens when you randomly split a random number of lines between 2 points.  The spheres have no reason to be here – but they looked pretty…

Thanks for the idea Fabian!


Random design nº45

A chord diagram.

Is it the end of randomness? A chord diagram maps all the possible connections between data within a matrix. In this image, random is the number of connections, random is what connects one to the other. It makes for an interesting wall relief too. Thx for the code Mike Bostock


Random design nº 44 – More moiré

The randomness of a moiré pattern. Not on the image this time, but in us and how we perceive its movement. Some see it, some don’t, and even if you see the movement, it’s never quite at the same place when you look at it again. Fun to explore!