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Random design nº43 – Halloween ball

Moiré is kind of random at the perceptual level, isn’t it? This one looks oddly timely – like little bats flapping their wings and off to Wednesday’s ball.

Happy Halloween!



Random design nº42

Random minimal surfaces on a (pseudo) random polygons background.


Random design nº 41. The stochastic museum shelf.

Sufi dancers and a sphere on a homogenic Poisson grid  background (Thanks RStudio)

The Poisson point process creates a random mathematical object – here the 6×6 color grid – and is named after a Frenchman who neither discovered or studied it. Go figure!

Image converted using ifftoany

Random design 40

Happenstance! The conjunction of my passing by a morning glory a few days ago while working on this week’s randomized minimal surface. Math & Nature bring randomness to new levels of appreciation.