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Random design #39

From marble to metal, organic to man-made, randomly-designed minimal surfaces expand and intertwine in strange and mysterious patterns.



Random design 38

When a random surface turns into musical notes.

The bottom musical score is also a random-chosen fraction of Mozart Wiegenlied #281


Random design 37 – Mechanical flowers

A strange flower popped up on the wall of my “virtual’ gallery this morning!

Actually, this one is made of several reshuffled, recursive iterations of the same randomized minimal surface.

Random romanticism? Mathematical waterlily? Mathematics and randomness are full of unsung treasures.


Random design 36.

Random thought association – looking at this glowing quaste randomly reshuffled in front of a symmetrical and repetitive pattern made me think of a Moroccan hammam!

A quaste is this magical tassel-like shape mathematicians are mesmerized by. Its equation can be 3 lines long! The beautiful shape that came from randomly reshuffling the parameters reminds me of the copper Moroccan seem to be so fond of and that you can find in many of their ornate bathhouses.

Or maybe, I should call it digital tribute to Gerome or Delacroix?


Random design #35 – Pacific paradise

A combination of Chmutov surfaces and parabolae equations randomly shuffled and rearranged together.

Why Pacific paradise? Maybe some random subconscious association, maybe the Tiki-like figures by the window? Randomness comes in many colors!