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Random Design nº 52

I could have done it differently – like a random firework to celebrate the last image of this year-long project! Instead, I was curious to see what a month to month evolution would look like. So here we have it, 12 out of the 52 works I did this year on stochastic art. Some are inspired by mathematics, other by biology physics, statistics or coding. All arranged randomly after an idea John Cage used in 1995 for a museum exhibit called Rolywholover. The music? I leave it to your discretion!

Thanks to all who inspired and guided my work, thanks to you for supporting my work again this year. Next? A book on this project, a collection of all the images on SaatchiArt if you like paper or canvas copies of the work. Another year-long project? No theme yet – Feel free to help me if you have a suggestion.

Happy New Year all!



Random design #24

Finally, a rational way to organize artwork on a wall!

This display is a recap of all the images I did for this project since Jan. 1st. A pose from my stochastic art project schedule? Not at all! Random is the positioning of the images, elegant is the display – no matter how you tweak it!

With Grant Custer‘s clever script, all you have to do is set up the numbers of works and the space between works. Then the code takes over and rearranges the setup – randomly.

Randomness to the rescue of museum curators and galleries managers? Every home should have one too!