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Random design #22 – The Tale of Genji

54 rooms. In each room, a tale of romance, intrigue, and passion at the court of Empress Akiko. No two stories are the same. In front of each door, a unique symbol. Never twice the same either.

The book was written in the early 11th century Japan.

It wasn’t until E Bell’ series of lectures on combinatorics and prime numbers (Bell numbers)  in the early 1900s that we realized the symbols from the Tale of Genji followed the same reasoning on which graph theory, statistic, and stochastic patterns are developed.

Whether to predict a roll of dice, a political race or playing the game of love, stochastic processes have been at the core of our concern to grasp what the future has in store for us for a long long time…



Random  design #20

What are the chances to align such a pleasant mirror-inverted symmetry in the positioning of these spheres together? Not many according to  Lucas Isei’s script: – attr(‘cx’, d => (d.x + Math.random())), attr(‘cy’, d => (d.y + Math.random())) -. For good measure, I used Andy Burnett zoomable tree-map as a backdrop. Treemapping is a method for displaying hierarchical data using nested figures. Fitting!


Random  design #18

In statistics, collinearity is used to predict the association between two variables.

I expanded Mike Bostock’s original tile into a symmetrical inverted pattern to get this design. It may not solve the mathematical problem but oddly, it is reminiscent of the 1960s’ Kinetic art or some of Vasarely tapestry “carton”, minus the color.

Statistic & randomness do have an artistic bent too!


Random design #4

Put 3 species in a cylinder, 1,000 units each. Throw the dice and check to see what happens after 3 seconds, space wise, quantity wise, and air-quality-wise. Little colored stars chatting with each other & networking?