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Random design #35 – Pacific paradise

A combination of Chmutov surfaces and parabolae equations randomly shuffled and rearranged together.

Why Pacific paradise? Maybe some random subconscious association, maybe the Tiki-like figures by the window? Randomness comes in many colors!



Random design #11

Next to a Voronoi, a Delaunay triangulation is a dual graph of the same diagram. It is used for modeling and mapping randomness in 3D.

Apparently, It didn’t make for a very happy camper in this image. The spiral originated in a random set of hydrogen particles I triangulated on one side and used as a texture for the inverted dodecahedron on the left.

It kind of reminds me of a Tahitian Tiki wooden statue. Legends say that Tiki was the progenitor of humanity.  Hydrogen is the simplest known element in the universe. Did one lead to the other? Randomness in art can be unpredictable too.