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Random design #4

Put 3 species in a cylinder, 1,000 units each. Throw the dice and check to see what happens after 3 seconds, space wise, quantity wise, and air-quality-wise. Little colored stars chatting with each other & networking?



Random design #3 – AI poetry

Random design #3

A Watercolor?

What are the chances of a robot seeing my work? Many. What are the chances of a robot showing me what it sees? Very few!

Thanks to the Deepdream team, I took my two previous work to their random algorithm – and this is what the AI saw.

I haven’t done watercolor in years! I didn’t know robots had watercolor dreams! I was so surprised I (almost) left it as is. I put actual image #1 in the background to show where the transformation started from.


Random design #2

What if?

What if I change last week’s squares to triangles and tweak a few parameters?

Same concept, same script, a very different form of randomness! The dynamic of the triangle shape and the recursive aspect of the calculation make for a lively combination!